Board of Directors

Mike Stiles

Mike Stiles is an advocate for accessibility. He competed at the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona, Spain as a member of the Canadian National Para-Shooting team and is a leader in fostering greater accessibility in the Okanagan community. He is the current Board Chair of BCMOS, Secretary-Treasurer for the Disabled Sailing Association of BC, and a Director for ConnecTra, and has been involved with each of these organizations from day one and continues to be passionate about volunteering.

Brad Jacobsen

Many will recognize Brad from his role with the SCI – BC Peer Program where he has worked for the better part of the last 20 years to create a network of peers helping each other to achieve independence and quality of life after their injuries. He sailed with the Disabled Sailing Association while still in rehab at GF Strong and the experience opened his eyes to new possibilities. He continued to fulfill his passion for outdoor adventure; in 2004 he and an amazing team, along with BCMOS and Tetra, hiked the formidable West Coast Trail then two years later he kayaked the coastline of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Brad donated his kayak to BCMOS and it is now the flagship of the adaptive paddling program. His motto in life: “Free to be”.

Linda McGowan

Linda has been involved with the Disability Foundation and affiliated Societies since 1998. She participated in the first BCMOS Access Challenge, August 1999 on the Heather Trail in Manning Park. Previous to acquiring multiple sclerosis, she was an avid runner, hiker, wilderness traveller. After acquiring a disability, she thought these things were part of my past life. BCMOS has without question, counteracted that belief. Linda has been working as a nurse in the community for more than forty years, and extensively with seniors and people with disabilities, and is also currently the consumer advocate for HandyDART services for Metro Vancouver. She brings to the Board an open mind, a belief in the human spirit and a strong conviction that, with enough time and patience, most things are possible. She believes strongly that people with disabilities are just people and should be, like everyone else, encouraged to maximize their quality of life.

Gerry Burns

Gerry was introduced to BCMOS and some of their adaptive outdoor recreational opportunities shortly after his injury in 2003. Coming from an extreme sport background and loving the outdoors, having these recreational and sporting opportunities can really be difference makers! One of my favourite BCMOS activities is getting access to the beauty in nature on the TrailRider and hiking around Vancouver. “Taking the TrailRider up Diamondhead mountain with my friends by the light of the moon for an overnight hike and camping trip was epic! It’s been great being on the board for BCMOS about the last five years now and presently working with them on possibly expanding their sport spectrum even more!”