Affectionately described as “a cross between a wheelbarrow and a rickshaw,” the TrailRider is actually a precision-made vehicle, engineered to the highest specifications.


Tough, comfortable and ecologically sound (it won’t damage trails), the design also allows folding, so that it can be transported in a hatchback, SUV or minivan. The TrailRider weighs 23 kg, and folds down to a size of 172 cm x 82 cm x 61 cm. It can accommodate people of all sizes – a special seat insert adds comfort and safety for riders under 5 ft (150cm) and/or 90 lbs (40kg).

Black Diamond TrailRider technical specifications:

  • Single-wheel design easily negotiates narrow trails
  • Lightweight aluminum frame is strong and easy to transport
  • Folds down for ease of storage/transportation
  • Ergonomically designed with fully adjustable seating, footrest and armrests that ensure comfort for riders and ‘sherpas’ (the people pushing and pulling)
  • Disc braking system for safety and reliability
  • Large profile pneumatic tire rolls smoothly over all terrain
  • Cargo compartment conveniently holds equipment and hiking gear
  • Quick-release pins make seating adjustments and transport easy
  • Optional seatback insert for kids
  • Powder-coated for a durable, environmentally friendly finish

Rent or Buy a TrailRider

TrailRiders are in use around the world as the mainstay of disability wilderness access programs, by schools operating inclusive field trips and many are owned by individuals.

They allow adventures to far-flung destinations, having accessed terrain ranging from the floor of the Grand Canyon to Everest Base Camp, and open up local parks and trails – which can be just as inaccessible when you have a disability. (See Start a program for an idea of groups and companies trailblazing accessibility, and how to start such a project yourself.) We manufacture and sell TrailRiders through a social venture, Kawak Access Equipment Inc.

To rent a TrailRider via our Vancouver, BC office at $10 per day, please email us at

Please email David Ostro, Kawak Coordinator, for purchase pricing (shipping at purchaser’s expense).