Tough, comfortable and environmentally friendly (leave no trace!), the TrailRider is a unique mobility device offering accessibility to wilderness areas. Two or more people power the device, enabling a person with a physical disability to take part in hikes and excursions to enjoy nature as part of an inclusive and supportive team.

TrailRider Features

One-wheel design 

  • Navigates narrow trails
  • Travels over rocks and roots without tipping side-to-side
  • Stays level on side-slopes
  • Soft pneumatic tires roll smoothly over terrain

Adjustments and features for comfort & safety

  • Seatback angle – 15 degrees of travel
  • Footrest – distance and angle
  • Armrests – height & length
  • Seat insert – for children and riders under 5’ and/or 80 lbs.
  • Chest, hip & leg straps to secure rider
  • Disc brake for safety and reliability
  • Kickstand keeps device secure while at rest

Other elements

  • Ergonomically designed to ensure comfort of riders and sherpas (the people pushing and pulling)
  • Durable, strong, well-engineered: ideal for heavy use in programs
  • Lightweight aluminum frame is strong and easy to transport
  • Folds down for ease of storage and transportation
  • Cargo compartment conveniently holds equipment and hiking gear
  • Quick-release pins make seating adjustments and transport easy
  • Powder-coated for a durable finish

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 23 kg. (50 lbs.)
  • Dimensions (in operation): 270 cm x 150 cm x 61 cm
  • Dimensions (folded for transport): 152 cm x 89 cm x 61 cm

Rent or Buy a TrailRider

TrailRiders are in use around the world as the mainstay of disability wilderness access programs, by schools operating inclusive field trips and many are owned by individuals.

They allow adventures to far-flung destinations, having accessed terrain ranging from the floor of the Grand Canyon to Everest Base Camp, and open up local parks and trails – which can be just as inaccessible when you have a disability. (See Start a program for an idea of groups and companies trailblazing accessibility, and how to start such a project yourself.)

BCMOS manufactures and sells TrailRiders through a social venture, Kawak Access Equipment Inc.

Rent a TrailRider

Plan your own hike and enjoy an inclusive outdoor experience with friends, family, clubs or other groups by renting a TrailRider.

Timing: year-round


  • at least 2 people to power the TR, 4 for trails with elevation gain
  • vehicle to transport it (SUV, van, pickup, etc.)

Suitable and Accessible Hikes


  • May 15 to Aug 31 – pick up at BCMOS Hiking Centre (PSP)
  • Sept 1 to May 14 – pick up from Disability Foundation office

Price: $10 per day

To book a TR for your hike:

Buy a TrailRider

TrailRiders are in use around the world, providing an accessible and inclusive option for people with limited mobility to explore parks, natural settings and other wilderness areas.

They are a mainstay of many types of organizations and groups, including:

  • adaptive hiking programs
  • community centres
  • parks and wilderness areas
  • schools offering inclusive field trips
  • individuals who love to explore the outdoors
  • and more

TrailRiders facilitate adventures to local or far-flung destinations, accessing gentle and challenging terrain with equal ability and comfort.

TrailRider users have explored the Grand Canyon, summited Mt. Kilimanjaro and reached Everest Base Camp, Machu Picchu and many other remarkable parts of the world. They have also opened up parks and trails in dozens of communities – which can be just as inaccessible when you have a disability. 

We manufacture and sell TrailRiders through a social venture, Kawak Access Equipment Inc. Proceeds from sales help to support BCMOS outdoor recreation programs.

To acquire a TrailRider for your community, organization, or for personal use, please email David Ostro, TrailRider Coordinator, for pricing at

How To Use a TrailRider

See below for video instructions on how to set up, operate, and store the TrailRider. You can also view to complete instructional playlist here.