Jasper Chu

“There are those who choose to be more but end up getting less; there are those who choose to get more and end up becoming less.” 

As the vHub newsletter celebrates its third year of showcasing remarkable volunteer feature stories with the Disability Foundation Network, it’s only fitting to commence 2024 with a spotlight on another exceptional volunteer. Meet Jasper Chu, our devoted profile writer. Jasper is responsible for crafting our vHub volunteer feature stories. We are so pleased to have Jasper helping us tell our volunteers’ stories.  

Jasper’s journey seamlessly intertwines with advocacy and journalism. Currently taking communications courses at BCIT, Jasper has taken on the challenge of balancing academic rigors while pursuing his passion for storytelling. When asked what motivated him to volunteer with the Disability Foundation, he explained: “I was finishing my final semester of Journalism at BCIT, and I didn’t really have much to do over the summer. Being someone who’s very interested in public policy and focusing on issues that affect daily life in British Columbia and Canada, and as someone with autism who understands these challenges firsthand, I found an opportunity with the Disability Foundation’s listing on the North Shore Community Resources website.” 

Jasper’s commitment to advocacy stems from a desire to inform people about different issues that impact them at various levels, be it federal or provincial. His personal connection to the work of the Disability Foundation adds depth and authenticity to his storytelling. During his pursuit of a Journalism degree, Jasper served as an intern reporter for CBC and City News, further honing his skills and understanding of the power of impactful storytelling. 

“I think being a profile writer for the Disability Foundation has been such a godsend for me in terms of helping people and contributing to something greater. I’m using my abilities, talents, and skills to share simple yet amazing stories of helping, unity, and solidarity,” he remarked. “I think through what I’m doing, I am continuously refining and honing my skills. I believe that I found my niche and a meaningful way to give back to the community,” he added. 

Jasper Chu Posing Outdoors
Jasper Chu

Jasper’s engagement with volunteers such as Jim Larocque and Russ Jones has further fueled his passion for storytelling. He believes in the power of sharing the personal motivations behind volunteering, recognizing that every individual’s journey holds a unique and inspiring narrative. 

In his role as a profile writer, Jasper has explored the diverse stories of volunteers, including that of Shirin, whose professional background in physical rehabilitation development stood out as one of the most inspiring stories for Jasper. “Shirin was shaping her career to make a positive impact by helping other people,” he shared. 

When asked about his future aspirations, particularly regarding his involvement with the vHub newsletter, Jasper expressed contentment with his current role but hinted at an interest in delving into public policy issues surrounding disabilities. Devoting approximately 14 hours of his time as a profile writer since he joined us in July 2023, he encourages potential volunteers who have a passion for storytelling, emphasizing the importance of follow-up when covering a story. “If there’s something that catches your ear and piques your interest, follow up. One of the core questions in my writing is, how did your professional or personal background and experience influence you to become a volunteer?  Because everyone has a personal reason, story or struggle for why they do what they do. So, I think that is a very necessary part of crafting a very human story that connects with your audience,” Jasper shared. 

As we journey through 2024, let Jasper’s narrative inspire us all to embrace our unique journeys, advocate for positive change, and continue being voices of inspiration within the Disability Foundation community.